Standard membership options and fees

  • Individual membership

    You can become SAAP member as an individual expert in performance management field. To become a member, you need to submit your application for individual membership via email. Individual membership fee is 12.000 CHF per year. Members can be awarded for contribution to association by fee reduction up to 50%.

  • Company membership

    You can become SAAP member as company that has expertise in performance management field or company that has state of the art system developed uniquely for organization. To become a member, you need to submit your application for company membership via email. Company membership depends of the size of the company and its core business, it varies from 27.000 till 90.000 CHF per year.

  • Invitation membership

    This membership is special, because it invites professionals, experts in performance management and human resources that are significant, have unique solutions, original projects and can contribute to SAAP association and database, to become SAAP members. Invitation membership is complementary.

Application procedure

How to become member? All applications for membership should be submitted via email applications@saap.ch. Application should include basic information about applicant, professional experience, motivation for joining the association and other information that can be considered as relevant. We strongly recommend including professional resume or CV in application. If applying for invitation membership, email must contain inviter membership number or full name, areas of expertise and how will association benefit from granting invitation membership. Applications are considered within two weeks.