Swiss based - Founded in 1982

Swiss Association for Advanced Performance management (SAAP) was created to connect professionals, collect unique business patents, management solutions and case studies, with goal to make them available to our members. Also, organization gives certifications to members that apply unique solutions and they automatically become available to other members, for reading and studding. Becoming a member gives access to all patented documents that guarantee uniqueness and efficiency and can be useful in variety of business situations.


Exquisite solutions for exquisite people

Our mission is to unite professionals all over the world and to exchange ideas, business solutions, tools and cases with goal to inspire people to be exquisite in whatever they are doing or creating in management. We bring uniqueness to our members. Organization gathers members virtually, but also on gatherings, once a year on annual convention. Members can talk to each other, exchange ideas, solutions and collaborate.


Real innovators and leaders

Our members are real innovators and leaders in a modern HR and management environments, who doesn’t provide typical and mediocre solutions, but see every situation as unique challenge that requires unique solution. Our members are HR business owners, top managers, independent HR consultants and trainers, HR directors, university professors, performance management experts from 11 countries and experts specialized in advanced management training, many of which continuously work for well-known companies with contemporary organized HR departments and policies.